Civic Bank

Civic bank has inaugurated April offering to its clients the opportunity on credit abrir a new deposit with remuneration in species: the Deposit Ahorro Ideas. As its name indicates, repayment does not exist in cash; an article for interests is given to the holder of the imposition, based on the amount and term of the imposition. The different options from the deposit are: Tacoma of knives of Martin Berasategui – Minimum Imposition of 3000 to 9 months (to TAE 1.73%) Game of 6 towels of Javier Larrainzar – Minimum Imposition of 3000 to 12 months to (1.78% TAE) Beater Taurus 600 Extra – Minimum Imposition of 3000 to 12 months (to 1.92% TAE) Plate to roast ecological of Jata ceramics – Minimum Imposition of 3500 to 12 months (to 1.98% TAE) Television Samsung LED 32 – Minimum Imposition of 15000 to 20 months (to 2.23% TAE) Television Samsung LED 37 – Minimum imposition of 18000 to 24meses (to 2.34% TAE) The client must up to 30 of June of the 2011 to contract it and once contracted, the anticipated cancellation will not be admitted. These deposits remarkably offer remunerations inferiors to which offers the fixed terms of the organization with similar duration. For example, the Increasing Deposit to two years offers a 3.51% TAE whereas by the same period, with the new product obtains a 2.

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