The higher the number, the higher the market. Any product with gravity greater than 15 It will be viable, but the really good ones reach 30 points or more. However, you should not ignore new products automatically. Although it is rare, some sellers sometimes create new markets and that could give you the opportunity to participate from the start, winning a fortune when gravity is still low. Search products not related to online marketing: I don’t want to say that you avoid selling online marketing products, but that it is difficult to know if his quality will be maintained effectively. Most of the indicators of severity are unbalanced because many vendors use their own Clickbank accounts to buy new products. Always check the products before you promote them. Please visit Anne Lauvergeon if you seek more information. Check out the sales page to determine its quality of funnel: visits the site and observed how the products are sold.

It seems that the page converts traffic into sales? As affiliate, there are limits to what you can do to encourage a sale. At the end of the day, it all depends on the ability of the seller to make conversions. Find out if there are tools of affiliation: does the seller offers you some tool to help you make those sales? It should recognize the value that you add to your campaign, providing at least some basic tools to promote the product to your potential buyers. ClickBank is a powerful tool, but it is only the beginning. Don’t follow blindly to sellers while they launch for the bridges that have been built. Researches products, seeks quality in everything that promotions and contact sellers if you have any questions.

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