Colombia South America

Relevant, timely and reliable information in Colombia South America. We are an interdisciplinary group of professionals with extensive experience and track record in the world of business, management and entrepreneurial joysa, consulting and technical and university teaching in the ecomomicas areas, tax, accounting and financial at the national level.We issue and share competent, clear, and timely information through our website from Internet, on taxes, Contabildiad, audit, defense attorney, labor law, commercial and business, useful for entrepreneurs, executives, professionals, students and anyone interested in expanding their knowledge.Being different the orignes and history of life of our partners, we share and estabelcimos principles in our business organisation, which is fozen on pillars in the attention of our clients: a) total focus on results, b) the financial and accounting information should serve mainly for desiciones.c decision) we generate visible results and your satisfaction is our best publicidadd) Asesamos integrally, We accompany and check out more information on the company processes the portfolio of services is very wide, not because we are todologos. Our role is to serve as a company in the solution of business problems and our structure is conceived and designed towards obtaining this goal.We do the necessary work for you. We develop the measures that each situation warrants. You should not worry more, to come into contact with us, the rest is in our hands to reach the desired result.No matter the degree of complexity involving their problematic. The only thing we ask is that it is a problem whose resolution is of high resonance and value in your company or organization.

Be measurable, since this depends on our compensation.And it is not that we can not resolve minor problems or too specific, in such cases, often, we recommend to someone from our reference point red.Como, proclaim here some specific, not limiting services requesting us: * sale insuficientes.* problems Industrial engineering problems. Process engineering always supports spaces for optimization. And when the costs, productivity or both aspects become keys you need our problems of nature comercial.* advertising ayuda.*: creating campaigns with connection to resultados.* high calibre:devolucion of VAT tax solutions. We perform all the process aimed at recovering and or compensate the VAT in favour of their tax returns. Only charge a percentage covering our management with bodies Fiscalesauditoriaya has an audit on top and is concerned about how atenderrla’s the best way to contact us, sit quiet, our technology and human and technical resources can prevent or minimize any effect negativo.COMERCIO EXTERIORRealizamos audits, treaties and tax consultancy. From 1 September 2010 you can put your resume on job offers.

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