Common Mistakes

If you're so smart, why are so poor. This phrase can be attributed to most Russians. Today, higher education diploma can get anyone. Some have two, three or more such certificates. But if analyze their financial wealth, it can be correlated with the level of high school class fifth. So let us consider the most common mistakes that lead to poverty. 1.

Man does not strive to improve their financial literacy. In school and college that they do not teach. To do this yourself to do something – buy and read a book, go to training. And all this costs money. And then still have to try and knowledge. But the choice is yours. Want to be rich – you have to do it.

2. Search of easy money. Chasing a large percentage of savings deprived millions of Russians. Pyramid schemes, various financial scam that promises you a prime seat at a time as the money itself will come to you. As they say, only cats are born quickly. Become financially independent that's so easy, doing nothing will not work. 3. Only one source of income, depending on your efforts. Today, mass features that can allow you to accumulate your assets. Go to any training or read any book on finance and 5-10 how accurately detect. 4. No cost accounting. Waste of money is influenced by emotions. Came, saw, liked and bought. Exactly what happens cluttering your house with unnecessary things and drain money from your wallet. 5. Chasing the external trappings of success. Got a new job, so need to buy new machine, a clock, a suit. But money is still on earned. Hence, we take the credit. 6. Give a loan. After all, we're friends. in his writings. But all these friends here and checked. And most of them try to quickly forget you not to give money. 7. Fear to act. To become rich should work to increase incoming cash flow and increase financial knowledge to effectively invest in it. But fear prevents action. But the fear is silly. Life goes on past and soon it will end, and you have not had time to do anything. 8. Faith in all that they write and talk about money. In fact, while in practice not to check anything you do not understand. Learned something, to put into practice, get experience and only draw conclusions. 9. Take the example of others. In our country during the Soviet Union hammered that rich to be poor. And now considered quite normal that there is no money. Indeed, in this state lives, most Russians – from paycheck to paycheck. But what is normal for all does not mean that it should be ok for you. Primary you and your desires. And what do you want from life? Are you dreaming to become financially independent?

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