Company Magnets

The first milestone release of the magnetic document management system is now available amagno. Oldenburg, June 7, 2011. This new generation of software combines classic document management with modern aspects of social networks. amagno optional is offered as a solution with data storage in an Internet cloud (NETWORK) and as a scalable solution in Enterprise (ENTERPRISE). Macy’s Inc. often says this. The Internet solution is free of charge. We have asked us: what bring us social networks, if we continue to Exchange files and comments extensively via E-Mail with our contacts? Target should be but that there are content to certain topics without folder sea and redundancies automatically from a central location. With our document management system amagno we allow a new kind of cooperation”, says Jens Buscher, founder of the Start-Up company amagno. Files can be faster than save in network drives the new magnet technology as a folder replacement.

Also, you can save much of the usual E-Mail communication. The cooperation of Company boundaries is significantly easier and controlled. Files will be recovered in seconds from any application. Magnets magnets instead of folder are the highlight of amagno. amagno dispenses with the classic folder storage and replaces them with magnets.

The rules of the magnets ensure an automatic mapping of files, emails and documents to freely definable themes, such as document number, document type, status, terms and much more. A file is stored only once, can be but at the same time assigned to many magnets. Change the content or additional information to the file, automatically changes to the assignment of the magnets. Research structures can reorganize without risk. Move files deleted. Also, the search for a location for a new file is no longer necessary. Large volumes of files can be easily import and automatically classify by the magnets. To prevent false compartments and redundancies. The first milestone release of amagno includes the networking of individuals in context-related groups, groups and notifications for example, departments, projects, files.

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