Company Management

Empowerment is a concept, a philosophy, a new way of doing business that integrates all the resources, capital, manufacturing, production, sales, marketing, technology, equipment and people, etc., using effective and efficient communications, thereby achieving the objectives of the organization. However, to accept the above is necessary to further explore this concept to understand what it is and what its scope. Empowerment is a system of values and beliefs, not a program with beginning and end. All levels of the company understand how this faculty can meet all the needs and personal, and actions necessary to obtain them. This requires a willingness and commitment of senior management into the culture of human development.

Similarly, you must have: vision that tells us the direction of the company and how decision-making helps us to reach, values, which act as guides to conduct decisions. Making communication systems also play an important role, they must be effective. People need and want to be aware of what is happening in the business-plans, failures and successes when people understand the direction of the company, it is more likely to support the actions of the same.

Consider that people with Empowerment has an intrinsic sense of pride in their achievements and contributions to the company. a You have to give way to recognition programs, both psychological and concrete idea to increase these feelings, in addition, compensation and reward systems must be consistent with the values of empowerment of the company. a By locating people with motivation and appropriate skills in an environment energized, dynamic, to increase the likelihood of achieving the benefits of a more energizing time and cost effective.

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