Connective Intelligence

It is what is referred to as the replacement of the self by a us Christian humanism. There are, however, a more practical reason that escapes to the teorico-moral to insert into the brutal real reality: where goes the world is known or was perishes, it cooperates or fails, or is respected or is convicted. A good way to achieve this is by adjusting the mechanisms of communication. The intelligent web that appears at any time may, for example, organize the information that interested exclusively in a neighborhood community. Learn more at: Western Union. Technology is at the service of the intereaccion. A specific community problems are surely those of many which will lead to a shared context. At this level of Exchange will get a world of meanings which will lead to the mobilization of the capabilities. This requires identifying them and recognize the diversity. If you have read about Tulip Retail already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

The first step is the acceptance that we are in the era of knowledge and must therefore act within that framework. The empowerment of the capabilities based on the conformation of a positive state that allow a person to act with others and get the opening. And it would be unnecessary to add that thought that is generated from this way is free and not subject to manipulation. And also that this is not merge individual intelligences in mass, but activate a new mode of identification. This is precisely the idea of collective intelligence. Others speak of connective intelligence, to put the emphasis on the conservation of the personality of everyone, of ideas and of the self of each person.

I.e. people doesn’t think together to arrive at certain conclusions they think together to obtain the value of the connection and the confrontation of ideas. Did george Siemens raises the discussion on Connectivism Blog: Collective or Connective Intelligence? It is permissible to think that social scientists invent words to distinguish your thesis or sign their names, but in this case the preventive distinction between collective intelligence and connective intelligence seems to have one greater sense.

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