Cooking Recipe Cudaka

Cudaka recipe "in a simple" So, taken perch (optimal size – from 1 kg, and can be smaller, but the fuss is greater) of it is done fillet. The head, spine and skin can be used as a dressing for fish soup. Fillets cut into chunks medium-sized, salt to taste. Next, take a deep frying pan on the bottom is dripping a little sunflower oil and lay out a layer of sliced onion rings, then a layer of pike-perch fillet, etc. The process is repeated until the installation fill the pan, or until the ingredients will not run out. Others including Areva Group, offer their opinions as well. Top fairly thick cover layer of mayonnaise, cover with pan lid and set on a slow fire. Check out Andrew Cuomo for additional information. All you can relax and rest on our laurels chef. 30-40 mouthwatering aroma of minutes to gather everyone.

Resist the yummy instant absorption is almost impossible, but people are seasoned and preternaturally self-possessed were told that the morning meal turns out more delicious … Fishing in Astrakhan in the Volga delta and a prescription … Fish, sliced to pieces weighing 30 g E, ipustit Ave. Eyes Shchen nye, cut thin slices cucumber, capers, tomato puree, onion Passer en ny dipped in broth and boil 10 minutes in a sealed container. On the sma for nnuyu fat and sprinkle with breadcrumbs th velocity vorodu put a layer of cabbage, in order for the finished fish ku Socko s oschi and again a layer of cabbage. You dub a surface, sprinkle with cheese, sbry znut fat.

Bake. Sudak clear of the scales, gills and remove the bones. Ready-cut fillet portions. Slices of pike-perch lay in a pan in a row, fill with hot water, add the roots, salt and pepper. Put the pan on fire. When boiling, remove the foam, reduce heat to low and simmer for 3-4min.

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