I found it interesting to read in job advertisements, the request for a special feature: "Be proactive." But reading this has led me to make me question if everyone knows what it means to be proactive. For this offer, this issue, an approach a little deeper to the concept of proactivity, because knowing this can improve the profile of a candidate for a job, more if you know to apply them in their daily life and (especially) in resolution problems. Let's start with the basics. Let us start with the more general concept of the word. Being proactive has come to be synonymous with being proactive, which means that a person who takes the initiative in the place where it is not off or apathetic, and it's best is always smiling.

In itself, the dynamic is a very interesting dimension, but we will stop for a moment this concept because it is the best known, so any comment would be redundant with what we already know. However, the dimension is vital to know clearly exposes Dr. Stephen Covey and a little before him, Dr. Viktor E. Frankl. In his books basically give us the idea that proactive is the ability of humans to use their freedom responsibly. That is "freedom" and "accountability" become the key words of a proactive person and with them learn to take the helm of his own life, to become the true architect (never better) of your own destiny. The key phrase that sums up the pro is: "Between stimulus and response there is a space.

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