Create Your Own Business Online

For competition to reward your best “guests” with prizes is also a good idea. Once your site is ready to roll, visit the following sites and start telling the world that your site is great … This is a news site based on popularity. If your item is a hitazo on the page of Digg, you will receive thousands of visitors and some of them will become regular supporters. Study types existing articles and then write their own articles and write them to the users of Digg, so that high position. A site similar to digg but Spanish is On Squidoo you create a Web page on any topic. You can create as many pages as you want and can include links to your website.

Squidoo pages also have good credibility in the search engines. In this way, your site will get some good inbound links for free. Google “Del icio us” to get the URL for it is not dominio.COM. It is a site of social book-marking to store your bookmarks (bookmarks) online. You must build a network of friends on this site and study their bookmarks to determine the type of readings they prefer. And Bring your items for the style of your network issues appreciated.

This is the latest in Web sites, but is a bit light in terms of visitors. If you have some friends who have their pages on Myspace, you must create a network of Myspace, look for people who have common interests, and write interesting articles on your MySpace page with links pointing to your website, ask your friends to write comments (posts) on your item. It is an online community of experienced professionals. You can create a LinkedIn account and enroll with professionals in the field. Provide some free services of professionals in your network and request information. All recommendations appear in your profile. LinkedIn provides a great opportunity for people to find your business or services. In Spanish there are two sites like LinkedIn (y) Other sites worth exploring for the opportunities are and viral. Both sites accept multimedia (photos for Flickr and videos to YouTube). These sites are good for establishing your brand humorous topics. Freddy Leon Director of Discover step by step and starting from scratch “using Video Tutorials How to Create Your Own Business Online.

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