Curiosity Killed The Cat

I'm very curious by nature. – That I noticed. You will always appear where something happens. Hopefully, at the lake with you, nothing happens? – It's known to God alone. But if I I will note anything suspicious, be sure to report it. In a newspaper. Both laughed, said goodbye once more, and Geron hung up. 'Bork – sly fox – thought it .- His assurances may be just a ploy.

Only one phrase 'you always appear where something happens' – speaks volumes. I found a statue of the red sands of the earthquake. A stone? Where did he come from? After all, it is clear that they were once a single unit! But Bork, probably know how this Ruby was a necklace Friesians! Does not mean his words, that the stone was also from the area of excavation? " Sitting at breakfast, a journalist began to recall his recent trip to the archaeologists. The earthquake began early in the morning and afternoon Heron already flown by helicopter to the disaster area. Group of rescuers flew earlier, as soon as received a distress signal. The first helicopter to evacuate all those in need of immediate medical attention and a few people who, Alas, it was no longer needed. The second helicopter, which flew and Geron, had to pick the rest of the victims. At the crash site there were only a few workers who have received an order at all costs to close and seal maze. Rescuers had to help them do that.

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