Customers and Negotiation

A aspect important to be considered, is that initiated a research process an unconscious increase in the expectations of the customers with regard to quality and the options of negotiation occurs disponibilizadas by the company, that is, if you do not intend to use the information you stop to improve its processes is better not to search, therefore when the people are invited to externar its impressions on the company, many times this moment propitiates a reflection, in which the customer compares its expectations the experiences that had with its external company and its yearnings. Other aspect basic is that it is necessary to be prepared to receive critical, that in the practical one they are the best information that a research process can generate, therefore the claims and critical they are the fuel for the elaboration of an improvement process. Successful processes of research are those that evaluate in the distance of the service given of the idealized one (desired) for the customer, and that they had allowed the entrepreneur to establish and to implement action, with sights to reduce the difference between the waited one and the offered one. Another benefit of this process, is that the more next to the desired one they are the offered conditions, lesser is the probability of the customer of evaluating the price as expensive, since that the price is adjusted the reality of the market, therefore understood satisfaction is known that it has a direct relation between satisfaction and price, being as the measurement of the existing difference enters the desired one for the customer and really offered by the company. An additional advantage of the accompaniment of the competition and the accomplishment of satisfaction research is that these information impactam on all the processes of the company, generating diverse chances, not only with regard to the commercial strategies, but contributing for the continuous perfectioning of practically all the processes of the company. Synthecizing the research of the competition and satisfaction of the customers they are important instruments the disposal of the entrepreneurs, being essential that this tool rack is used of continuous and correct form. It is still observed, that these techniques allow that if makes the continuous management of the behavior of the customer and the competition, basic factors in all the structure of the theory microeconomic, being that the gotten information could extremely be useful to evaluate the elasticity, or the susceptibility of prices of the customers and assistant in the evaluation of diverse on aspects the demand and offers of products.

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