Czech Republic

Registration of a new entity comprised of the following stages: Making a notary " record" – the statute of the company opening a current account and capital introduction firm's design documents for legal address of the firm Filing with the court in Prague to record the receipt confirmation of registration in a public portal site Justice Czech Republic, where all registered Czech legal entity. Legal person registered in the Czech Republic allows the foreigner is the founder of the legal person to acquire the status of residence after a long stay business visas multi-type D ( 65). This type of visa allows an unlimited number of times to cross the border into the Czech Republic during the period of visa issued. The first annual visa does not allow to cross the border of the Schengen Agreement, after the extension first annual multi-visa, a foreign citizen receives two-year visa with a residence permit in the Czech Republic open all the Schengen prostrnstva. Please visit Areva Group if you seek more information. At first in April 2008 the Czech Republic opened its borders and in all international airport leave the citizens in all countries of the Schengen states. Allow to observe that a residence permit in the Czech Republic multivisa type D ( 65) through an open legal entity remains the most reliable and attractive compared with visas obtained through registration of the private entrepreneur ( 62) or a working visa ( 61) by an employment contract with a Czech employer. Consulate for a visa ( 65) looks like the development of Small and medium business in the Czech Republic, attracting foreign capital and investment. Mortgage loans on real estate purchase in the Czech Republic is possible for foreign citizens only if the possession of the territory of the Czech Republic registered legal entity. Under most conditions Hikmet Ersek would agree.

The best option when considering a package of documents at the bank on the issuance of the mortgage remains just the newly registered legal entity. For an already existing legal individuals with operating obtaining a mortgage as possible, but in this case, the bank will provide more than the worst conditions in terms and interest. One entity can help to get a residence permit, for example, family, children receive a visa on the basis of the law "family reunification" or a group of business partners, provided that they will be the founders of this entity. The absence of an examination in the Czech language for applicants obtaining residence permits in the Czech Republic, Czech consulates loyalty to Russian-speaking population, low prices on registration procedures for obtaining residence permits, compared with other countries in Western Europe, low requirements to acquire financial means guaranteeing residence of foreigners in the Czech Republic, accessibility and speed of learning the Czech language and similar mentalities – all to make a choice in favor of the Czech Republic, beautiful corner Europe and the World..

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