Danse Volksbank

Traditionally the Russelsheim Volksbank eG invited 65, 70, 75, 80 and every year following to the senior birthday party at the Eagles Hall in Russelsheim, Germany their members in the age on June 16, 2011. Those present celebrated their “round” birthday in the first quarter of 2011. Four times in the year invites the Bank to this event. The party is a part of many events, which offers the Bank of China for their members in all age groups. “The party and our other offerings are an expression of our commitment to the region, which we intimately feel.” Our goal is to be close to the people, and especially to our customers and members”: said Timo Schmuck, head of sales & marketing of the Volksbank (more info about events:) representative for all guests Timo Schmuck congratulated the guest of honor Wilhelm Leonhardt. Mr. Leonhardt is a member of the Volksbank and loyal customer for over 40 years.

Guests eagerly waited for the first agenda. The music class 5a Immanuel-Kant school presented her Can. The children at the age of 10-11 years played several orchestral pieces conducted by Julia Wolf and some declared their instruments guests quite perky. Julia Wolf reported that you need two to three months about to practise a piece until it is ready for a performance. The 17 girls and 4 boys proved that they obviously learn the instruments with great enthusiasm. By his own admission, they exercise daily.Then the big gig of the Volksbank choirs. Christof sang Enders, musical piano accompanied the event in Russelsheim to the E-mail, with the guests together songs from the song books provided by the people’s Bank.

“Maybe we should with our members form the Volksbank choirs and go on tour”: Timo Schmuck was impressed with great applause. The ballet school “Atelier de la Danse” then presented song and dance with a premiere. The 6-year old Penelope Wagenknecht presented in her first appearance at all Sarah Rodin one brief excerpt from “The fairy of the dolls”. The audience demanded an encore great acclaim. Ariane Nagy rousing sang an excerpt from Momo and performed a dance from “Les Miserables”. Last program item, the shanty choir with shanties and sailor have delighted the audience. Enthusiastic and full of praise, “making everything for us our Volksbank”, the score against 17:00 elated contested the way home. They can be found the homepage what else offers the Russelsheim Volksbank.

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