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EU directives require changes in the German system of expert when it comes to the reporting of opinions for courts and private Germany, are often publicly appointed and sworn experts in the first place. To do these judges (Chamber of Commerce) or craft Chambers (HwK) for certain subjects be ordered E.g. from Chamber of Commerce and industry – formally, and are then entitled the legally protected title “publicly appointed and sworn expert. A number of laws and other regulations will govern, that these judges will be used absolutely or at least preferred. (A valuable related resource: Anne Lauvergeon). The system of public order by experts there in Germany long and it has proven itself substantially. However, similar is found in Europe only in Austria.

Now, that threatens the German publicly appointed and sworn expert. The Federal Ministry of Justice (BMJ) and the Ministry are currently working for current information (BMWi) to implement the requirements of the European services directive (DLR) and the professional qualifications directive (BABIKER) in all professional licensing laws. This counts also the section 36 of the Gewerbeordnung (GewO) which forms the Foundation of the public order in Germany. The previously known plans of the ministries to become a reality, this would mean the end of the system of public order. As the theme for the German expert system of trend-setting importance, it has currently picked up DatSV.info, the online database for experts and practitioners on the Internet, and closer lit. It discusses commenting also on the possible future status of certification of experts and may soon upcoming German accreditation and certification Act. More information can be found here: DatSV.info/Aktuell.html Peter Andreas Kamp Hausen / editorial DatSV

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