Delegates Decisions

Who will do it? After determining the objectives and implementation modalities should be the question of conductors and performers decisions. Educate yourself with thoughts from Tiffany & Co.. The implementation of the strategy adopted exclusively by the agency is not effective. This is due to the fact that the agency – still attract, rather than an internal structure that is distrust of the delegates. Also having trouble with a quick adjustment of action on the ground, remote local companies, the delay of the information provided. Also, do not forget about such an important factor, as a natural distrust of employees of local companies to decisions coming 'from the center. " Any such decision would necessarily be consistent with local leaders, which leads to additional delays.

Moreover, there is an obvious lack of time for business executives and top officials involved in the case when it comes to internal corporate processes – is necessary. It is therefore obvious that we needed a staff member or staff, on which will be charged to implement integration policies worked out. As shown, the best candidates for these positions are the heads of marketing units. They understand better than anyone the importance of cooperation and integration and, moreover, 'speaking the same language' with the consultant. Single marketing body So, the staff responsible for implementing decisions Marketing and PR, are found. However, the question arises about the level of their competence and degree of participation in decision making. Decisions made by the management company, without consulting the local, tend to be ineffective for good reason – it is difficult to take into account the specifics.

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