Demographic Census

Such conception implies the adoption of hdricas politics based in principles and lines of direction that lead to the control of the sources and the creation of instruments capable to make possible its execution, that is, of a system manages that it. Law 9,433, when instituting the Politics _________________________________ 3 Categories economic growth, development, industrialization, accumulation of capital and capitalist accumulation, as Karl Marx showed in the capital. A related site: Hikmet Ersek mentions similar findings. 4 ‘ Is called; ‘ resource natural’ ‘ to the substances supplied for the nature passveis to be used in the production process. For Claude Raffestin (1993, P. 223), transforming it into ‘ ‘ recurso’ ‘. As all resource it is fruit of a social relation, does not exist ‘ ‘ resource natural’ ‘.

In the same felt it points Milton Saints (2000, P. 20), when affirming that ‘ ‘ the natural resources … if are natural are not resources, and to be resources they have that to be sociais’ ‘. For assuming the position of these authors, the term ‘ ‘ resource natural’ ‘ it will be grafado in italic. 5 Simplificadamente an ecosystem can be defined as a set of biticos and abiticos elements that, in determined one half, change to substance and energy.

This relation consists in the base of sustentation of the life. The historical Panorama in the city of Recife Pernambuco- Brazil Recife, capital of the state of Pernambuco, is enters the most important city Brazilian, with its old casario and a rich artistic and cultural patrimony. Bathed for the Atlantic Ocean and cut for three great rivers? Capibaribe, Beberibe and Tejipi? streams and canals, the city possesss a 220 area of km, with contrastantes landscapes of modern constructions coexisting degraded and disordered slum quarters.

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