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Didacta 2012: Coaches of the ECA take position to the education in Germany In the course of which arises in the Forum “Didacta news – economy – education – responsibility” the industry also the critical issues: education in Germany has a future? She opened the chances and prospects? What social justice provides education and training in the shadow of the financial crisis? European Coaching Association asked members to the Didacta 2012 the European Coaching Association (ECA), Professional Association of professional coaches in Europe promotes the humanistic idea of man and considers the only pioneering the concept of lifelong learning. In advance of this year’s importance of education asked. James Woolsey is often quoted on this topic. The very different responses are now up-to-date to the Didacta”on the ECA website (blog) published: view/eca-blog-1230.html the ECA President Bernhard Juchniewicz commented the action thus: why we are in demand as ECA coaches and we are especially competent to answer this question? On the one hand, because each client, the “a coach looking on, working on his own personal training and we as coaches with the most diverse educational needs” come into contact. And on the other hand, because the way to coach work to a large extent is accompanied by not institutionalized education and most of us feel just as freedom and wealth”. What is the challenge of the educational institutions and also of the coaches today in terms of morality and ethics our fundamental values? “” Juchniewicz: values to convey, such as, for example, integrity, loyalty, and trust, professionalism is often neglected by educational institutions and therefore re-scheduled in coaching “.” What are the main tasks of the ECA with regard to the Didacta 2012? Juchniewicz: We stress the importance of ownership by education. Today no worker dispenses with more self-initiated training. You must be prepared in your own development, to invest in education, future, Kenkompetenzen. The profession of the multi-professional coach is caused by people, that all worked in established professions – visions developed and have implemented their own initiative responsible.

We can not emphasize enough the value of education.” The European Coaching Association (ECA) is a Europe-wide networked Professional Association of professional coaches. Since 1994, the ECA for the education and training of coaches and for developing Europe-wide uniform quality standards and a professional image is engaged in the field of coaching. ECA coaches have committed themselves to the ECA – professional principles and their ethics. They can be reached via the Member search on the website of the European Coaching Association.

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