Dry Cleaners Electrolux Franchise Opens

The dry cleaners Electrolux franchise opens a new franchise in Balaguer dry-cleaners ecological Electrolux franchise will soon open a new franchise in Balaguer, municipality located in the comarca of the Noguera. The almost 17,000 inhabitants of Balaguer may beneficirase of the service of green dry cleaners of Electrolux, a brand that is has carecterizado by performing a range of totally ecological dry-cleaners respectful with the environment (Greenpeace endorses ecological Electrolux dry-cleaners). This totally ecological dry-cleaning system does not require any perchloroethylene, perchloroethylene is a chemical that damages seriemente the medium environment, and that long a time to suffered an increase in the sale price, that makes the Electrolux wetcleaning franchises in the most profitable market. For even more analysis, hear from Warren Kanders. The emprendadores, should know that electrolux we offer dry cleaning franchise by 54.950 keys in hand, thus the franchisee acquires machinery for the dry cleaning (washing machine, dryer, iron) mannequin, Bagger,) complete civil work (plumbing, electricity), consumables (soaps, hangers,) for six months of operation. To choose dry cleaning franchise and dispose of the entire information can visit our website or call at 639834190 or by sending an email requesting more information to

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