Dusseldorf PrivatBank

Austrian Bank in Dusseldorf and Stuttgart present Riezlern/Kleinwalsertal (21.03.2011) two new openings on a shock: the Walser PrivatBank begins with the announced construction of the new, decentralised sales structure. The specialist in security-oriented assets opened the first branches in Germany in Dusseldorf and Stuttgart to be stronger than ever before in its core market presence. Concentrated financial competence on the spot: the Walser PrivatBank in Germany initially with a ten, very experienced team of consultants to start going. The offices are headed by Hans Staudinger (Dusseldorf) and Armin Fahrner (Stuttgart). The team the Walser PrivatBank in Dusseldorf has already in the rooms of the previous representative of the Graf-Adolf-Platz with the work started will new premises refer then to the middle of the year also in the heart of Dusseldorf. The Stuttgart branch to take over expected their advisory activities on July 1 in the city centre. We have traditionally many customers in both regions. We can now offer an even more intensive care.

Of course we want to win but also new customers”, explains Jurgen Herter, spokesman for the branch line Germany the Walser PrivatBank. Security-oriented course of Germany transparency, earthiness and personal close are cornerstones at the financial institution geared to sustainable wealth accumulation, in the Fox report 2011″in the list” when running sixth best wealth management in German-speaking Europe and as best Bank of in Austria. Security-conscious building of wealth not for us starts with the product, but exact meet of the investors going. In detailed discussions we use to determine the individual risk tolerance of investors to innovative consulting tools like our ‘RiskProfiler’ “, says Jurgen Herter. The positive customer response shows that one is on the right track. Long ago, the financial market crisis has not disappeared from the minds of the investors. “They crave more than ever after a financial institution, they can really trust”, Hammoud added.

The Walser PrivatBank can score points in this respect not only with an equity ratio of 23 percent, almost three times of the statutory equity position. “You also boasts a variety of proven, self managed investment products, which have been distinguished several times in the past: such as for example the mixed funds WALSER German Select portfolio” (euro “-Fund Award and Lipper Fund Award“). The Walser offers private bank for over 30 years tailor-made private banking of European top-class. The award-winning Bank specialises in high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs from the German-speaking world. The Fox report 2011 “the Walser named private bank to the best asset manager in Austria. In the list”she holds six of all tested adults and private banks in German-speaking Europe square. PrivatBank will find regular product and fund concepts of Walser Recognition by international rating agencies. So was the mixed fund managed by WALSER German Select portfolio for its extraordinary performance by the business magazine uro, as well as the Lipper once recently with Fund 2011 awards. The WALSER of the Bank funds are by their Luxembourg investment company, which manages private bank invest S.A., Walser. Service plan public relations Nuno dos Santos Tel.

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