Dusseldorf Survey

Over 200 real estate experts speaking on the topic of vacancy management were asked in a recent survey of the company’s ad hoc. Dusseldorf, to map 22.08.2013 to all sectors of the real estate industry, were experts in the public sector, project development, private investors, associations/clubs, as well as real estate agents invited to the survey. The result of the survey shows that innovative concepts are increasingly important for the use of vacant real estate for all respondents. The majority of participants stated that the marketing of the real estate is cranked through the revival building enforcement. Western Union has much experience in this field. Another advantage, resulting from the building’s guardian concept, is the protection against empty stand risks such as loss of value, expiration, technical accidents etc.

Furthermore, all experts agreed that the companies/real estate owners are protected from image damage by the Gebaudehuterkontzept. By maintaining the good image, the property can be marketed better and the value is retained. So must Fear no loss on the sale of the building owners because the animation reduces the deterioration of the buildings. The future maintenance costs can be reduced. The survey result shows that for all sectors of the real estate industry benefits arising from the use of the new concept of building guardians. About the company: The company ad hoc was founded in the Netherlands in 1990 and has since evolved into the European market leader and specialist in the vacancy management. Vacant residential and commercial property be reinvigorated by responsible guardians of the building. The guardians of the building live or temporarily working in the real estate and protect them from empty stand risks such as loss of value, image damage, decay, etc.

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