Each New Franchise

The birth of chocolate value, restoration of the century-old chocolate company chain, goes back to the year 1984, and since then its growth through franchising has been firm and serene, within a family atmosphere, as acknowledges its general director, Pedro Lopez. According to this entrepreneur are careful in operations, but maintain the step constant with the conviction that provides the knowledge that what we do we do it well. And it is that for each one of the franchises granted the central provides an initial aid that includes, among other things, machinery for processing of churros and chocolate in a Cup, elements of signage and decoration, training for the franchisee and his staff with Villajoyosa stays in charge of the central, promotional material, or products for the inauguration, an investment that is around 60,000 euros. After 27 years in the market, the number of chocolate value amounts to 39, of which 34 are operated by franchisees of the Ensign. In the words of Peter Lopez: having a thirty long franchisees, pending its own business, but it carries our name, it is for us an enormous satisfaction, and for them a pride: and so move it us every year when we met at conventions. Within the spectrum of persons with zeal for self, the Ensign looks for someone who appreciates the world of chocolate and is willing to be at the forefront of their business, spend time, not serving cups but Yes at the bottom of the barrel, and preferably who know the world of hospitality.

With the value chocolate inverter will find a dual business: the own chocolate factory, with the opportunity to offer on-site consumption in all its varieties and handmade chocolate, and shop, which offer all kinds of processed products, high-end artisan chocolates, original (artisan chocolates of corn toasted salt, olive oil or balsamic vinegar)liquor, truffles and a complete range of chocolates without sugar. All these products and advantages, you set up an irresistible offer to the consumer and it makes the chocolate to be consolidated in the sector of restoration franchises. And if you include a characteristic main the value chocolate, this is differentiation, the real added value of the Ensign, backed by 130 years of experience. According to its general manager, Pedro Lopez, this differentiation is focused on being the best in our specialty. If one is to observe, in hospitality, the most fashionable concept resembles that of the cafeteria of broad-spectrum, but we are focused only on the clients who come to enjoy the world of chocolate. They may be less, but it is also true that they are more loyal, and are delighted with our chocolate. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jeff Gennette offers on the topic.. Something bad. Corporate chocolate value information is the first franchise in Spain dedicated to chocolate.

From 1881 to the present day, Chocolates Valor has developed a great chocolate of unrivalled purity. The quality and distinction Chocolates Valor that differentiates from more than one century ago is also the essence of their chocolate. To become a franchisee of the brand requires a local of between 150 and 200 m with possibility of Terrace, situated in a village whose area of influence gathering around 100,000 inhabitants, or, if it’s a touristic place, that the sum of the populations fixed and floating ronde such encrypted; and an investment of between 180,000 and 200,000 euros, excluding the entry fee. There is an exploitation royalty of 5%, but not advertising which the plant offering an annual kit takes over.

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