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Another study, denominated M& To after borders: Opportunities and Risks, realised in March of 2008 by Marsh, Mercer and Kroll and Economist Intelligence Unit, attributes a 50% to the cultural differences in the organization at the time of ahead taking to processes of acquisition or fusion. The cultural obstacle strongly conditions the financial work of the people and therefore productivity and results. ShareThis follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. By these reasons, a project must be considered cultural, of integration, when international acquisitions and fusions it is. A time of construction of a vision of how must be anticipated the company wishes to be seen in the market, the style or its particular seal in the way to realise its internal and external activities, the capacities and abilities required in the people to take these concepts it advanced, the types of support systems and technologies, their structures and values. 6 PROBLEMATIC SITUATIONS Throughout this writing they have been let glimpse different problematic that can be generated when two cultures in an acquisition process or fusion run into. As a synthesis the following triggers of conflicts, compiled of the own experience and pertinent bibliography can be mentioned, between Brazilian Argentineans and, when these last ones are buying: Perception of the change like crisis, without giving to space to the oportunidadSensacin of loss of identity preexisting nacionalRivalidad between neighbors. Geographic and historical context.

Mass media affect the negative perception of the presence of Brazilian capitals the main ones. Little amount and deficient quality in the official Communications to the member ones on the process of adquisicinSensacin of imposition of more hard on weakest. Part of the acquired organization (Argentine) prejudges disinterestedness of the buying company to know the cultural premises. Nonconsideration of cultural amplitude and expertise in foreign cultures (paragraph first of page 4 of this work is seen) in the election of Directors Regionales and Corporativos.Primeras action of reconstruction and downsiezing, necessary for organizational change, is perceived as a threat for the rest of the labor positions.

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