Ecuadorian Component

The Ecuadorian Component approved the new Magna Carta by ample majority. Esteem that, given the popularity of the President, this one will be approved in referendo of the 28 of September. Strap has not wanted to follow Chvez raising the indefinite re-election and he himself has approved a limit of 10 years for a possible mandate his. However, the new Magna Carta extends the powers of the President on the Central bank and to dissolve the Parliament. Thus it wants to define itself of economic liberalism, and also he looks for that he does not become to repeat the fact that Ecuador has been the main American country in causing that their congresses demote governors.

The Constitution vetoes the one that Ecuador has foreign military bases, consequently the aim of the quarter of the USA in Blanket approaches. Strap speaks to bury to neoliberalism, but without falling in the socialism of the proletarian dictatorship and the estatizada and planned economy. Its Constitution is one of cuts Social-Democratic nationalist..

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