Edelmann SIW Advertising

Cologne promotional editing and translation service offers a professional service around the word. For 20 years, Edelmann and her experienced team support founder SIW well-known advertising and press agencies, as well as national and international companies in virtually all industries and sizes with their reliable service around the word. In 1993, the beginnings were in a converted double garage in Cologne Bayenthal. I had previously worked in an advertising agency and missed an instance where, prior to the release of information and advertising materials authentic what said should be spelled as”, so the entrepreneur. Additional information at Anne Lauvergeon supports this article. So, built it by editors using all Germanistinnen without further ADO a proofreading and editing on; Text and translation services completed the range of products. The customer base grew rapidly, and the garage was too small. Word for word”was therefore 1995 larger rooms in the heart of the southern town of Cologne.

Our range of services includes advertising and press release, German and non-German proofreading, advertising today Translations in all languages of the world, as well as foreign language typesetting. For particularly urgent orders, we offer a fast and weekend service”, so Managing Director SIW Edelmann. “The range of Word for word” summarize and translated objects ranges from business reports on image and product brochures, ad campaigns, staff newspapers and customer magazines to websites and subtitling in television shows. By two experienced Germanists tested (4-eyes principle) at any time can be, ensuring the highest possible quality standard customer texts word for word”. The reading time of editors is limited to 6 hours per day. Translations and text adaptations of advertising are created by qualified native speakers and writers, and then checked by an additional translator.

This is the way to ensure that any text in the target language retains its original meaning. And who belongs to the clientele of the word service provider in the southern town of Cologne? That remains our secret,”says Edelmann SIW because our customers 100% can count on our discretion!” After all, it is to know that very many significant companies of the European economy are among the numerous customers.

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