Electric Sonic Toothbrush

With an electric sonic toothbrush teeth can be kept healthy and white. Years ago, there was only a way to brush your teeth. It was taken to an ordinary toothbrush. The teeth were cleaned by roughing or circular movements with the brush. This can already remove dental plaque and stains. Healthy gums prevents dental disease. Already recognized that around 1500 there are finds in Germany which indicated first cleaning kits for teeth.

With the development of electric toothbrushes, the opinions were ruled. Some dentists recommend you continue to put on the manual toothbrush. Finally, studies proved the better cleaning of an electric toothbrush, which is why it is used in many homes and many dentists today. Recommend toothbrush. Reason is often because with the manual toothbrush by the user too much pressure while scrubbing – exerted on the gums also not better removing the plaque covering this. Basically the teeth daily after breakfast and before bedtime should be cleaned.

Such an approach is ideal to keep healthy. Types of toothbrushes distinction is made between the following types of toothbrushes: manual toothbrush: priced very cheap. But strongly depending on the brushing technique may the cleaning effect from user to user vary to a with. Electric Sonic Toothbrush: expensive to purchase, but with very good cleaning, because the bristles perform a high frequency vibrations. Electric oscillating toothbrush: cheap models available. Typically, they have a round brush head that vibrates and turns back and forth. Ultrasonic toothbrush: rare to find in the private sector. Clean using ultrasound and a special toothpaste. Basically a toothbrush should be cleaned thoroughly teeth and interdental spaces advantages of electric sonic toothbrush, as well as massaging the gums. With a manual toothbrush, this is possible. However not correctly clean the most people with a manual toothbrush. You skip teeth or prematurely stop the cleaning process. In the long run plaque and caries in the corresponding teeth set. Maxed gum is the result of poor cleaning. Electric toothbrushes have several features that avoid basic mistakes. So many models have a pressure pressure control. Pressure signals the device this user and prevent gum tissue injury. Almost every model also has a timer. Dentists recommend brushing the teeth at least twice a day for 2 minutes. Such timer support to comply with the user in the time and thoroughly clean each section in the mouth area. In comparison to the oscillating electric toothbrush, each electric sonic toothbrush has elongated brush head, we know of the manual toothbrush. This means that the cleaning operation can be completed in a shorter time, or but the teeth in the same time thorough be cleaned. Just a tooth can be cleaned in the oscillating tooth brush. Thanks to the patented Sonic technology from manufacturers such as Philips, the bristle head performs up to 30,000 vibrations per minute. The bristles are soft enough to not hurt your gums. Finally is a negative aspect to attract: Sonic Toothbrush are considerably more expensive. Simple models cost 60 Euro upwards. Good and professional models with different brushing modes over 100 euros. In addition, the most replacement brush heads are more expensive than an ordinary manual toothbrush. The price is negligible in the face of better dental care. As we know, the treatment of diseased teeth at the dentist is not only painful, but also expensive.

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