Emotional Bank Account

THE author of the seven habits of highly effective people, establishing a comparison between bank accounts and emotional bank accounts. As I am an economist the truth that I loved this example I had in mind in my interpersonal relationships, mainly with my loved more nearby and believe that the results have been worth the effort. Covey explains to us that all people have an emotional bank account and us with our actions make deposits or withdrawals into that account. For even more details, read what Hikmet Ersek says on the issue. To the extent that you value to another, do honest praise, have acts of kindness, you show compassion, listen to each other with empathy, value differences and respect them, finally details those who like both women (and men also even when not manifested it openly), tell the people we love are important for usmakes that emotional bank account grow in emotional tanks. Instead when we discuss, acaloramos us and stumble, we descalificamos, we criticize destructively to each other, we are waiting for finding faults in the behavior of the other and we forget how good these constitute in emotional Bank withdrawals, and can reach the point that is so much the deterioration of the relationship that the account is completely sobregirada and occurs a closure of the same emotional banking institution of being assaulted, being able to get to the rupture of such a relationship in irreversible way.In other words friends, procure make deposits in the emotional bank accounts of people we love, from our friends, colleagues, and why not up to unknown persons, this would an increase in the well-being of our interpersonal relationships and this aspect will greatly promote your life and that of others.Emotional Bank withdrawals are inevitable, we are human beings, we are wrong, we make mistakes, we say improper things, we do things that we regret .but as soon as possible run! and get your emotional bank deposits, compensates immediately all withdrawals you’ve been doing it that special account of that loved one that both you matter but that somehow get State bullying with your actions, words, or omissions. I have habit in my house with my husband and daughters, after having committed a foul which I consider a removal of that account emotional, immediately compensate with at least five loving acts retreat, I compensated with gestures, details, immediate actions to let you know to each other that I am sorry, that I care, I’m wrong and I want to start again sincerelyThis is important to stress that, if your repentance isn’t sincere and your actions are manipulative, your account is immediately, sobregirara lies and manipulation have no place in this process.Let her know to each other that you love it, prove it, and keep in mind if you are visual, kinesthetic or auditory, by that if not, deposits will not recognize them even when you’ve been making them.Let her know that you care, with details, with a flower, with a delicious meal, with a sincere caress, with a letter of apology, but please don’t forget that another balance always, always you positive, with a surplus of positive caresses so big that when you make a mistake, the withdrawal does not dent in your relationships..

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