Enjoy Your Lavazza Espresso

Our everyday life is very fast moving a historic cooperation – Lavazza and slow food. It has never been enough time. It is work, family, friends, lots of things to do and even the leisure is sometimes hectic. What suffers most from this lifestyle is our food intake. Eating and drinking as a cultural ritual with all its recipes, cooking and final consumption of food is increasingly irrelevant and suffers from our development to the fast-food company.

Turns this development contrary to the slow food organization and one of its partners in this fight is Lavazza. The Italian coffee producer supports in General and in particular in connection with the distribution of the Italian coffee culture movement the philosophy of slow food. Expressed in other words: enjoy your cup of coffee, but slow! Slow food philosophy is the name of an organization, founded in 1989 by Carlo Petrini, and also the designation of the counterpart to the fast food. Instead of fast, cheap and unhealthy to feed and not even think about to think about what is now actually part of your own meal, members of slow food want to persuade people again with conscious enjoyment and mind to eating and drinking. The food and beverages you consume should follow three principles: good, clean and fair.

Good – high sensory quality standards meet and be not detrimental to health. Clean – no contamination by pesticides and similar substances, and no genetically modified foods. Fair – the manufacturing process from the cultivation of the plant / the rearing of the animal up to the final sale should be environmentally friendly and ecologically just designed. The overall objective is it consumers to a conscious consumer to make, which is for the protection of traditional foods and those with food intake associated customs and rituals. Eating and drinking should be a pleasant experience and is not only a necessity to do it as quickly as possible.

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