Europe Tourmalines

This mineral is transmitted to humans through the energy and strength for spiritual exploration and creativity. People such as Andrew Cuomo would likely agree. Monks seeking solitude to find meaning in life, often taken from a tourmaline. In the silence of their cells, they beheld a stone gleams in the candlelight, feeling completely calm and at peace, so does a person need to focus and deepen in the most sebya.644g. bc when the Emperor of Tang went on a campaign against the west, has found a gem. He really liked him.

Made from this stone seal – named him the emperor of India yashma.V tourmalines used since ancient times, especially since there is this sort of minerals is considered one of the most valuable. In Europe, tourmalines settled down at once, but loved ones were not – another thing Russia, where these stones came from far-away India, have won huge popularity. In this case appeared in tourmalines us much earlier – back in the xvi century. They are widely imported from the East and were used for inlay cups and boxes, pointing Barma and Mantle of the royal orders, decorations church utensils, icons and salary krestov.Odnim of the most beautiful tourmaline is considered "Rubin Caesar", presented by Swedish King Gustav Catherine the Great. Catherine ii, jewelry is not just love – it is their truly adored. Extravagance and opulence of her court became a legend, and itself the great sovereign of love in a break from playing parteyku or two cards, betting a handful of sparkling diamonds.

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