European Central Bank

Meanwhile, no one trusts anyone. 9Th comment: someone has described this as the big scam others have said that the crash of 29, compared to this, a girls ‘ game in the playground of a convent of nuns is enough, perhaps many, have been enriched with bonuses that have grown. Now, will they be left without employment, but they will have the bonus saved somewhere, perhaps in a shielded Cabinet, it is possible to be wherever you are more secure and protected from other financial innovations that can happen to someone. Credit: Western Union-2011.

Yesterday I heard that, for the future, it is best to to pay the bonus to the inventors of structured instruments (MBS, CDO, etc.) with structured instruments that they themselves have invented. It seemed like a good idea.) The financial authorities have a great responsibility about what has happened. The Basel accords, theoretically designed to control the system, have stimulated secularization to extremes can darken and greatly complicate the markets to which it was intended to protect. The boards of Directors of financial institutions involved in this great fiasco, have a great responsibility, because they have not learned anything. And there included the Council of administration of the Caja de Ahorros de San Quirze some rating agencies have been incompetent or non-independent with regard to its customers, which is very serious end of history (for now): major central banks (the European Central Bank, the US Federal Reserve) have been injecting Monetary liquidity so that the banks can make money. .

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