European Central Bank

This purchase includes bonds of Portugal and Ireland. It is the triple of the habitual thing, which marks a record in the history of the Euro. With this measurement the BCE tries to calm to the ercados. The European Central bank (BCE) bought the week past sovereign debt of the zone of the Euro for 22,000 million Euros, that include bonds of Spain, Italy, Portugal and Ireland, which supposes the triple of the habitual acquisitions and marks a record in the zone Euro. The BCE has taken part again in the secondary market of national debt of the zone of the Euro, after it not to have done during nineteen weeks consecutive, since the end of March. Specific the European monetary organization the countries of which it has acquired the debt but did not inform the 7 into August from that it was going to come to acquire bonds of Spain and Italy after the speculative attacks. According to some operators of the markets, the BCE bought the past week debt of Spain and Italy and the 4 and 5 of August sovereign bonds of Portugal and Ireland.

Until now the BCE has acquired national debt of the zone of the Euro for 96,000 million Euros. weekly amount more discharge of acquired debt until now was of 16,500 million Euros, in May of 2010 when the markets penalized to Greece. The 4 of August the advice of government of the BCE decided to maintain the program of purchase of national debt to help the countries that go through difficulties of financing in spite of the opposition of the president of the Bundesbank, Jens Weidmann, and economist j of the BCE, also the German Jrgen Stark. The governors of the central banks of Holland, Luxembourg and Finland also were against, according to some mass media. The BCE very has been criticized to acquire sovereign debt of Spain and Italy from Monday of the last week, although this intervention has contributed to lower the yield of bonds to ten years of these two countries. The interest of Spanish bonds to ten years lowered to east Monday to 4.97% and the one of Italian bonds to 4.89%, after to have surpassed 6% in both cases in July and beginnings of August, until the BCE began to take part. The yield of the Bund (German bond a 10 years) it was placed in 2.33%. The BCE decided to take this measurement to calm to the markets, after the hard attacks especially to Spain and Italy during several days. After this decision of the European financial organism, the premium of risk of both countries, that had gone off until more of the 400 points in Spain, registered a considerable reduction, encouraged by this purchase of debt. Source of the news: The BCE announces that it has bought 22,000 million debt, including Spain and Italy

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