European Electric

Bring accessories like jewels and furs. Average age for the use of the blankets was a first hand tool, since the freezing nights of European countries, made the manufacture of these were made much thicker than the usual. An important fact is that the blankets in the middle ages than them royal luxury, they also used several of them of various sizes, in order to obtain the desired temperature. Since the nineteenth century the use of blankets became so popular that they began to innovate in all social classes, varying the materials in which these were built. At present the evolution of the covers has been such that the invention of the electric blanket was given as a novel way to combat the cold at night.

Electric blankets are designed through a resistor placed across the fabric of the blanket, as they are heated by passing electric current through them to provide heat to the person. The electric blanket had an inception two levels of heat in the Currently there are some having up to six levels, this has meant that electric blankets obtain a large field in marketing them. Blankets are currently being developed that fit the temperature automatically, we can fit the room temperature, this type of blankets are called thermodynamic, but it is still an experimental process. For a few years these rugs are an excellent choice when it comes to cover us. The use of the blankets not only focuses on meeting people cold, today the variety of designs, colors and styles that they have developed have also become a good choice for decoration, especially between the public child . It is proper to note that from the evolution of blankets, have created another kind of items such as coats and blankets. According to the above is clear that such simple items such as blankets have had a valuable contribution to the integrated development of mankind, and even more now that the investigation of these enters also in the scientific and technological world.

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