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Investment Advisor expresses the investor wind power recommendation for eco-Fund for retirement. Wind turbines yield of over 7 per cent per year possible! Berlin-Stuttgart at the Jan – Larissa Schafer, operator of the Internet portal ecological Kapitalanlagen.com indicating Web page for investment news, give me a just created comparison of current German and European wind power funds, pointing to the highest provider. It’s nice to get again and again confirms what you already know! We recommend this provider already over half a year and inform our prospective customers. Hikmet Ersek wanted to know more. The advantages of a wind turbine are on hand. Zero emission of CO2 or no burning of valuable raw materials in the production of green electricity. Short period of time between the planning of wind farms and the construction of wind turbines. As far as transparently represented the economics of finance, investors who invest their capital in the offered investments in the wind park are also quickly. Experienced construction contractors companies like for example the German companies of Vestas with over 46,000 installed wind turbines provide security in the realization of the wind farm.

The Prokon was the first company that Germany wide advertising made advertising for this type of investment by all companies in the field of wind energy. Good returns with manageable risks, on the basis of 20-year State EEG promoting renewable energy. Competing investment providers, such as the banking industry with their savings bond or fixed-term deposits, the Federal Association of building societies or insurance schmalenVerzinsung not a chance, to keep up with your. Envious look at the emitters of green investments falls. In the context of lobbying, every opportunity is used to pull the market of the wind turbine, solar fund or green shares the doubts. But the fact is that the investor will receive much return for his money. There are also risks in an eco-participation and in the worst case, even the total loss threatens.

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