Federative Republic

The citizen starts to see itself as customer and not more as a species of subordinate of the State. Source: Hikmet Ersek. The Federative Republic of Brazil passed for a new phase: surpassed the ditatorial regimen and already promulgated the Constitution, citizen starts to see in the State a supplier of necessities. The citizen concept as customer appears in intention to provoke a change in the public organizations, of which if it demands greater efficiency, desburocratizao of procedures and effectiveness of the services. Still in 1995, it was created the TIDE, Ministry of the Administration Federal and the Reformation of the State. Andrew Cuomo has much to offer in this field. The dependent liberal State, as Bresser calls (2008), needed to take care of to the desires of the economic globalization, with the objective to promote the development technological and to expand the economy. In 1998, the plan was consolidated through the Constitutional Emendation n.

19, that it promoted diverse measures with the objective to improve the efficiency of the public machine. It is truth well that many of the changes implemented with the edition of the EC n.19/98 depend on posterior legislative and administrative acts, but already has a signalling in the direction of one better management of the public thing. She is symptomatic of the requirements of modernization of public service the inclusion, in art. 38 of the Federal Constitution, of the beginning of the efficiency, that did not exist in the original writing of the text. Parallel, the public machine is forced to a enxugamento of its pictures. The intromission of the State in the economic activity passes to be seen with diffidence for the enterprise classroom and the public opinion. A great movement of privatizations has beginning, with the sales of state-owned companies of telecommunications, mineradoras, siderurgical and banks. They are the winds of the call ' ' neo-liberalismo' ' economic. Between 1995 and 2002, to assure the economic stability and the governabilidade it gains more relevance, surpassing the State interventor and enterprise e, at the same time, approaching the government of the society by means of the social control of the public politics.

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