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Whereas in 2004 the troyanos represented 24.3% of the total again malware detected, in 2005 increased until 40.3%. Filed under: 4Moms. The detections of new worms have descended remarkably from 2004 – in that they represented 34.7% – until 2006, in which they only reach 17.1%. This indicates that the ciberdelincuentes are concentrating their efforts in those types of malware that provide economic benefits. > PandLabs registered in 2005 a significant increase of the number of received new species of malware, more of a 240%. Altogether, more than 46,000 new threats, between virus, worms, troyanos, bots and all type of malware, against little more than 13,000 detected in all the 2004. Within the total number, it emphasizes especially the incidence of bots, that added more than 10,000 new detections in 2005.

On the contrary, the new species descended spectacularly from virus, and as much worms as troyanos stayed in significant percentage. > Bots has increased a 175% in 2005 with respect to the previous year, having itself detected more than 10,000 units. Bots &gt supposes more of 20% of the total of new malware detected in 2005.; The TruPrevent technologies have detected more than 46,000 units of malware unique and strangers from his launching in August of 2004. > The considered cost that supposes Spam for an employee of a company, entering exclusively the time that takes in watching it, supposes at the moment more than 3,500 Euros by worker and year. To this it is necessary to add that 98% of the frauds and the problems of security have their origin in a mail nonwished. According to estimations of the consultant Ferris Research, the Spam supposed a global cost of 50,000 million dollars in 2005, of which 17,000 million were of companies only of the USA. > During the past month of May of 2006 an historical maximum anywhere in the world on attempts of banking fraud by Internet was registered, according to data of the Anti-fraud Control center of RSA.

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