Financial Freedom

In what quadrant is you? Is it correct? It is you free from the financial point of view? Cashflow quadrant was written for you if your life has come to a financial crossroads. If you want to assume control than it to change its financial target, you will be helpful in planning your route. This is the cashflow quadrant: the letters in each quadrant represent: E: for employee A: for D: autoempleado for business owner I: for investor each one of us is in at least one of the four quadrants of the cashflow quadrant. The place where we are is determined by the site where our cash comes from. Most rely on their salary checks and they are, therefore, employees, while others are self-employed. Employees and self-employed are located on the left side of the quadrant of the dedinero flow.

The right side of the dial of the flow of money is for individuals who receive their cash businesses that have or investments that have. Cashflow quadrant deals with four different types of people that make the business world, who they are and what makes individuals of each quadrant are unique. It will help you determine the quadrant where you’re currently and plan the path to where you want to be in the future, to choose their own path to financial freedom. While financial freedom can be found in all four quadrants, skills of a D o an I will help you achieve your financial goals faster. An successful also must become an I successful. What you want to be when you grow? This book is, in many ways, the second part of my book rich dad, poor dad.For those who may not read Rich Dad, father poor, this is try different lessons my parents taught me about the subject of money and choices in life. One of them was my real father and the other was the father of my best friend.

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