Financial Shark (Part 2 )

When a shark Financial has achieved its goal of acquiring control of a company by buying blocks of shares to retail obtaining a seat on the board, of course for this, the negotiations may lead to a series of intermediate points in each operation. I will talk a case of businessman Carlos Slim Helu, who I admire and respect extensively by being an entrepreneur without barriers, vision and values. The country’s largest construction company ICA was seriously affected by the year 2,000, the employer acquired in the Mexican Stock Exchange an interesting stake in the company almost a couple of years, and in October 2003 the media published “The biggest construction Mexico, ICA, said he has had conversations that could lead to the tycoon Carlos Slim and his family to become shareholders of the firm, which faces crippling debt.. ” The tycoon had more than 12 percent of the shares of ICA, I think 125 million shares acquired less than $ 1.40 per share.

Action that day climbed to $ 2.70. Soon it was announced the capital increase of ICA by placing common stock, and touched his employer Slim 250 million shares at $ 2.00 per title, at that time were trading above $ 3.00 each. Shares continued to climb, and the financial arm of the employer (Inbursa) sold by the bag packs million shares at $ 4.00, in 2004. It’s just an idea of what you can earn a financial shark with a single company, for example a gain of at least 500 million pesos in exchange for the papers of ICA, in a year. Result: The nation’s largest construction company is capitalized, including contracts on development of the El Cajon Dam, currently building the dam La Yesca, roads and airports operate, reporting excellent profits with a healthy financial position.

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