Find Cheap Taxi

Moreover, the cost of travel even in the same taxi company may vary considerably at different times of a taxi. The proposed article I want to briefly describe the factors that affect the cost of taxi services (more extensive information on this site Single Cab), and I hope that it will be useful for you when ordering a taxi, and eliminates the need to ring up all known taxi service every time you want to call a taxi. Often, when ordering a taxi dispatcher calls the price, being guided by internal principles of the company, and due to the fact that the price is negotiated before the filing of the machine, the route of the driver it has virtually no effect, and takes into account only mileage on the map. There are areas of the city, which are included in Kiev, but getting them is not easy. "Cheap Taxi" can do here is not quite cheap because of certain extra charges for delivery vehicles in these areas. Thus, you can ride the same 10 kilometers, but pay more for 05/10/20 hryvnia. Differ in these areas is also a principle – some taxi companies add surcharge to the tariff only if the machine is fed back – this is the first point of the route, and others increase rate in any case – if there is going there or passenger. List of areas at a premium fare on a different cab varies, but usually it Bortnychi, Kotsyubinskoe, Feofania, Rusanovskoye gardens Troyeshchyna village – as a rule, here is difficult to find a cheap taxi. The tariff is usually determined by the following criteria: day of week, time of day, the minimum distance of the order, the district of filing, the cost of kilometers around the city, the cost per kilometer of city reservation, station wagon and the conditioner, cash and non-orders index restaurant discounts. In that case, if you reserve a taxi, and rarely by different routes, to determine the cheapest taxi desired route outgoing calls can be either through various taxi services and a further comparison: name price, or by using a convenient service rendering travel in a taxi cab in a dozen companies.

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