First Bank

All this can be found in your account statement, which should take with you. Once you sign the application, the bank will for consideration. First Bank will seek to establish who is responsible for the fraudulent transaction. Option two: the issuing bank that issued the card for the customer and the bank-acquirer, serving retail outlet, where carried out the operation. On acquiring banks responsible for fraud lies, if 'his' shop paid the stolen your card and still the signature on the check clearly not similar to yours.

In this case, the bank must return the stolen amount, and will continue to deal with a shop or restaurant, whose employees serve scams. In addition, the acquiring banks are responsible for the operations conducted on the Internet. Much less chance to return the money if the responsible party will be recognized by the issuing bank. This happens, for example, when the check is signed, even remotely resembles yours. Typically, in these situations is responsible issuing bank.

And he, according to the agreement on the issue cards, has the full right to refuse the claims of all transactions performed before blocking the card. Often, banks do not want to lose customers, and make quarrels out of the house demonstrated his mistake. Money back only if the bank will not be the slightest doubt your honesty. And these doubts may arise if, for example, you have previously accessed the bank statement, fraudulent transactions. But the chances of compensation for the stolen rise if the money were withdrawn from an atm of another country and you are at the same time not going anywhere.

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