Five Tips

From my experience I gained some insight into how to make a holiday in Egypt comfortable and not experiencing negative on the specifics of Egypt: 1. Many people experience stress from local merchants, such as pristavuchie and annoying. Humble! This inevitable. Yes, they will reach you, but you just smile and say no. But polite! Almost all Egyptians, who somehow interacts with the tourists themselves are beginning to have a negative in two cases: – if you are bathing and nervous – if you hamite Then, your stay there will not be pleasant. Remember this simple rule – they do not need your money, they require your attention. As long as you do not give them their money (buying, thanks) – they have them if you do not forfeited.

2. About the bargain. Yes, haggling is possible and necessary, but Everyone thinks that Arabs (Egyptians) like to haggle. Ha-ha-ha After talking with them it turned out that many of them it is the same stress as for tourists. We had case when we bargained with the operator of video footage on the diving.

He wanted 50 euros for the dvd, we ‘tune up’ and dotorgovalis to $ 25. With the words: ‘Well, why are you doing to me’, he nevertheless agreed. Yes, there are different cases, but always remember the point 1. If you haggle with a smile, with jokes and laughter, sometimes artfully playing the care of the shop you could do it much better than if you’ll surly sniff. But this does not apply to stores with fixed prices, it will look askance at you when you try to haggle. 3. Be sure to learn the numbers in Arabic writing, usually on the goods is inconspicuous price tags with the correct price is in Arabic writing. It tells you more or less the real cost of the goods. 4. Say thank you! The Arabic thanks – shukran what you always answer Afua (please). You’ll see how it affects local! They are surprised and start to be treated differently because you do not too lazy to learn At least one word of Arabic. Touches my indignation some tourists like: ‘Sho for sucks! No one in Russian does not speak! “. Tell us in Europe or America, too, must all speak Russian? In a world not too many places understand where the Russian language. Do not be halufa (pig) – behave appropriately. 5. Council prepared for those who have mastered the first four points. Not pissing away from main streets and routes in the hinterland. Even if you go somewhere is not there, to someone in the yard or on private land, will not kill you (it scares tour companies), just gently asked to leave. Even if you do not understand it, you’ll understand gestures and facial expressions. As practice shows, where no tourists all much cheaper, tastier food, shisha is softer, the service is not as intrusive, because the seller the language barrier. I hope these tips will help get the most out of your vacation! And the bonus advice – even if you screwed up somewhere, do not worry! You are there for a few days, and not the fact that you Priedite there again, and if they come, not the fact that once again meet the witnesses of his grief.

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