Forest Engineering Ltda

The main objectives of the park are to induce the local and regional development, through the attraction and setting of new enterprises of technological base; to create physical and institucional conditions that facilitate and promote the transference of information, experiences and knowledge, generated in the UFV, for the productive sector, approaching, thus, the university to the company through the continuous generation of spin-offs; to demystify scientific knowing; to increase the conscience of the population regarding the importance of if preserving the environment and offering conditions for the development of activities related with the social empreendedorismo, in parallel with the enterprise activities. A company originated from one spinoff academic: one marries of success the DAP Forest Engineering Ltda she is one of the companies who already had passed for the program of incubation of the UFV and that today they walk with its proper feet. It is enclosed enters the companies who are part of the program of graduated companies of the UFV and has in this program one of the main bases of its program of success. As said for its partners proprietors ' ' the possibility to be inserted in the Incubadora approaches in them to partners in potential and provides a direct contact with of Institutions Cientficas and Tecnolgicas' '. According to its partners, the main mission of the company is ' ' to develop for the forest sector, innovative solutions of support to the decision taking optimizing the human resources, financial and naturais' '. For in such a way they possess a sufficiently advanced vision and challenging q. Crawford Lake Capital oftentimes addresses this issue.

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