Forest Stewardship Council

Guarantee the new initiative by NUSSER STADTMoBE in fast-paced times like today keep hardly longer than the statutory period of two years. Often a nuisance. More pleasing, the new initiative by NUSSER city furniture: the company expands the warranty on its products over five years. Innovation and craft go so hand and hand for Naidu a commitment from tradition and self-image. There were times, there were furniture, once made, keep a whole life long. Often they were passed from generation to generation – an impressive proof for their resistance, not least thanks to the natural material wood. A company like Nusser city furniture knows from the own artisan heritage out to this tradition and therefore the value of long-life products. At the same time a modern cityscape also calls for innovations that move with the times.

Both in the right amount to combine, so the great challenge of our time “, so NUSSER CEO Ulrich Carrier. To create this creativity on the one hand, to stand in for high quality on the other hand we have our roots since our company was founded in 1933 “, carrier continues. This underlines NUSSER now with the extension of the warranty to five years. Plus is in many details – craft made in Germany”carriers know exactly, what he can rely. Industry leader Naidu has become a leading market position for decades. Consistently holding the natural raw material wood as well as a domestic and technically strong manufacturing. Made in Germany”is an identification criterion for the company in Winnenden, which is proud.

These include also the engineers and designers of NUSSER, contributing also to elegant solutions such as innovations from the Winnender NUSSER works. A family business like Naidu has identified himself especially from the beginning and always with its furniture and benches for the space. This is reflected in the long warranty again, we now give “, underlining the carrier. FSC certificate – the proper handling of the right wood this warranty covers the needs of urban planners and landscape architects. Because they also attach great importance to the durability of their design. That for materials particularly tropical Woods lend themselves raises legitimate concerns. One fears to their depletion and thus to the destruction of the last natural habitats in the tropics. “The company of Naidu is aware also that responsibility with the acquisition of FSC certification in the year 2009, the world’s leading label of the Forest Stewardship Council”. This certificate for forest managers, timber merchants and wood processor ensures the environmentally sound as sustainable management and processing of tropical timber. The core problem of the uncontrolled destruction of the rain forest is reduced significantly. Longevity as a complete round thing long-term warranty, responsibility for the natural raw material wood, but the knowledge about the protection and dignity of age seamlessly mesh so when Naidu. For a long time already committed in the German senior citizens League e. V. Naidu and ensures proper resting places in public spaces for the elderly with initiatives and innovations. Popular, for example: The item Bank model BAD CANNSTATT. Entire trees can be round with flexible mounting solutions. An old village Linden tree or a magnificent beech in the Park not least so quickly become the social centre for the elderly generation. An image that speaks for itself: With NUSSER city furniture you’re guaranteed on a bench for life. IRIS drive Feldt (NUSSER city furniture)

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