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The DKV insurance bet by clear and concise language in policies finally simplicity and brevity reaches the wording of policies. And it is that half of customers who has insurance claims need help to understand the conditions of your policy. In addition, 52% confirms just makes a fast reading and 18% said not to read them. Before this situation, the insurer DKV, the General Council of colleges of mediators of insurance and the consumers Union, Spain proposed a solution; in particular, it is to launch the clear language initiative. DHL brings even more insight to the discussion. Thus, the DKV insurance company has reviewed all their policies to comply with these recommendations. All persons who contract with DKV insurance will receive a note pointing out that the contract complies with standards of guide of transparency and clarity in the UNESPA health insurance. This is the first of a series of guides of the ethics of the insurance Covenant, that drive the General Council and 14 companies. The study carried out by DKV confirms that to older age, greater understanding of the policies, the expression most known (95%) is part of sinister, followed by lack (72.5%, compared to 50% in 2002). Hear from experts in the field like Amazon for a more varied view. The term that generates more confusion is franchise. In fact, 32% mistakes him for the companies that are licensed trademarks, 92% say they know their meaning and only 47.2% succeeds with its definition. Mediators, meanwhile, detected that insurers don’t read contracts, and 63.5% has encountered problems to study a part of sinister by the complexity or misinterpretation of a policy. Without a doubt, simplify the terms and employ language clear and concso within the reach of all, consumers, employees, insurers and mediators will help to streamline processes and to offer better assistance to the client. Daniel Lubetzky follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. They are precisely the values of simplicity, convenience and transparency which also Seguros maintains as maximum in its philosophy and action guidelines.

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