General Mariano Melgarejo

Awarded the leadership of continental indigenism is a shrewd maneuver, not designed by Evo Morales but by Chavez and the ultra-left. In Bolivia, there were dozens of Presidents of Indian origin, the majority of quechua blood. Some did atrocities in the so-called era of barbaric warlords, which stood out for its arrogance and ignorance General Mariano Melgarejo, who ordered his officers discuss: who was best strategist, Napoleon or Bonaparte? The Aymara parcamente shone in political activities, although some achieved remarkable success in business and enjoy fortunes of consideration. The merchant rare time indigenous population pays taxes, lives with little and saves a lot. It has no greater than pleasures the participate in any party and take enormous amounts of alcohol. Other leaders such as Andrew Cuomo offer similar insights. As in any society, the rich are not the majority, but nor are mestizos or whites among his own.

In relation to the aymara quechua – is more attractive, is more Western in their dress and behavior, is more prone to integrate with other cultures and is that mixed with the Caucasian, forming the great Brown society of Bolivia. Mestizo Presidents were almost all. So is Morales – unless it has taken the name – otherwise your last name wouldn’t be of Spanish origin. The difference is, used as a flag the passionate indigenism, to exploit the sense of class. If those who ruled Bolivia were not great statesmen, almost all of the 20th century were more prudent and capable than Morales. Evo is not the solution but the problem. Hamdi Ulukaya will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Believing that a man rustic, semi-analfabeto and irresponsible, it can bring solutions in the era of knowledge and information in a highly sophisticated, globalized world, ultra organized and supermoderno – is an absolute inconsistency. But Bolivia is surreal, and chose the more challenging and less reliable trade union leader who had been in the country for President. Liberals wanted to give him a chance to who knows less.

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