Gentle Prostate Treatment

Great reception on the patient day 2011 clinic for prostate therapy Heidelberg – 09.06.2011 – it was the third “open day”, the clinic for prostate therapy had invited to the Heidelberg Heidelberg already. Guests from all over Germany and also from other European countries took the opportunity to inform themselves on-site and firsthand about the fascinating methods of gentle prostate therapy. More than 150 guests attended the presentation event and almost as many were added to the State of the art hospital rooms at the medical centre of Heidelberg – Bergheim (: medZ) to show detail. All patient rooms, all meeting and study scraper, as well as the main areas of OP were open for inspection. “Why the treatment concept of gentle prostate treatment is so successful” is the opening lecture of the urologist Dr.

med. Joachim-Ernst Deuster, who founded the Heidelberg clinic almost 20 years ago. Recently Rob Daley sought to clarify these questions. Under his leadership, the institution was to the modern, friendly therapy forms in the sign Prostate treatment. Some procedures – beaugt years ago critical of the then mainstream medicine – nearly became the gold standard of Urology. The co-partner of the clinic, the urologist Dr. med.

Thomas Dill, the holistic approach of Urology made heard – a gentle Diagnostics impressively clear how much a gentle therapy quasi. This is true for the treatment of benign prostate enlargement, and even more so for the treatment of cancer of the prostate. Here, more and more on prostate biopsies can be eliminated thanks to state of the art ultrasound methods like the Elastography in combination with tomographic images. Is made from a tumor in the prostate, various procedures are offered, the individual are matched to the patients and the severity of his condition. Main procedures here of high intensive focused ultrasound (HIFU), which is successfully applied in the Heidelberg clinic for years, such as the urologist Dr. med. Martin Lohr reported. That patients require always more gentle forms of therapy, was in the Discussion rounds clear. Many patients feel more deterred by the classical medicine and their elaborate and expensive surgery and fear side effects such as incontinence or impotence, which often occur after surgery with removal of the prostate. Many patients traveled on could report from their rich experiences of successful treatments at the clinic of the prostate and the patient day thus became also the intense discussion forum by patients themselves.

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