Geographical Methodologies

The metodolgicos procedures to make analysis of the population dynamics move substantially, exactly considering its elements in the interior of a social world of analysis. According to Damiani (1991, P. 8) The population constitutes base and the citizen of all the activity human being. Accurately therefore the population has such complexity, at this historical moment. You may find that Tiffany & Co. can contribute to your knowledge. If to leave of the study of the population, we would have that to cover all the aspects, elements, results and consequncias of its activity to know it, of the scope not only of its material results, as in the constitution of the social citizens.

In the geographic research of the population, the demography, beyond contributing in the processes of qualification of the rude numbers of population, determined statistical material of more qualitative matrix, that would have helped geography in the economic distinction and the clarification of decurrent conflicts of the economic subjects, in the interior of specific limits. After selecting and carrying through the theoretical boarding of the education contents it was possible to choose the metodolgicos ways to develop abilities of geographic reading of the world. These metodolgicos ways in Geography are the languages, each time more modern and renewed, possible to develop education and to help the professor in the practical one inside and outside of the classroom. The world dominated for the image needed to revalidate its language, therefore it was increased of meanings and symbols having compelled the communicators and, mainly, the professors to reaprenderem the art of if communicating and giving to lesson, assuming itself of a new and rich language in specific elements the time as computer, DVD, COMPACT DISC, Softwares so that they could be communicated catching attention and curiosity of the receiver of the message. ' ' velha' ' language started to be busy for a new language, where words of order as interdisciplinaridade, projects, contextualizada and reflexiva language had passed the order of the day, however, with metodolgicos processes of the traditional education that they continued to prioritize methodology of contents broken up in classroom.

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