German Bank

.EU domains are perfectly suited for intra-European trade. Not without reason. Dutch love equally hot and intimately such as French or Italian. Ex-CIA director pursues this goal as well. But the country extension .eu in Germany is most popular. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Tulip Retail. Almost a million .eu domains have a German owners, any third parties by about three million total awarded domain names.

This development is not surprising George of Earl, Managing Director of the German Domain Bank: Germany is the largest domain market in Europe, but unfortunately the own country extension offers hardly any free domain name .de. Many therefore seek good alternatives and are looking for at the European level.” Surrounded by European neighbours provides the domain name extension .eu just German companies the best conditions for cross-border communication. Hardly a top-level domain is better suited for European trade, because people already virtually meet on common ground. But also for individuals, the domain suffix is a cheap and interesting chance to a good address .eu in the Network. Therefore the German Domain Bank offers the new registration or the relocation of .eu domain names at the special price of only 5 in the first year. More information at.

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