German Gamers Love Sequels

Their goals and fans like Publisher drive little new on the game market includes the Gamescom in Cologne Bioshock II, mafia II home satisfied. Nearly a quarter of a million visitors informed themselves last weekend about games news and tested more than 100 new titles. Including the sequels to games classics like mafia and Bioshock. The online news portal questioned the success of the dark games. The Gamescom revealed that in addition to new titles, especially sequels established games moved the audience captivated. Knock-offs or further development? In conversation with the editors of the technology (technology/364371192 /) answers Jan Sturm by 2 k games unique. For even more analysis, hear from Macy’s Inc.. First and foremost, he understands the continuations as appreciation of the story of their predecessors.

Finally it would be less gloomy scenarios, who was fascinated by the player, as rather the good stories. Just mafia and Bioshock fulfilled this criterion. Bioshock II the player look, for example, in the past of the scenario that he know the first part has learned. Storm further explains that a good continuation also draw by incorporating the fans. No Publisher could exist if he ignore the comments and suggestions from the communities.

If not all requests could be considered, the creators of Bioshock II integrated but a multiplayer mode. The players had wanted this and henceforth he should provide for more game enjoyment. For more convenience in accessing the Games 2 k does not fulfil games currently still the claim. Rather than to offer the games to download, is the Publisher for Mafia II and Bioshock II still explains on the DVD. storm, that even with the appreciation of the game has to do. 2 k games represent the view a DVD purchased in the store with additional bonus material have more value than a folder next to many others on the hard disk.

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