Germany Fund

As owner-managed company founded in 1992 and headquartered in Dresden offers a wide network structure in different stages of cooperation qualified financial intermediaries operate and allows an independent and holistic financial planning in accordance with the needs of the customer. In the so-called fifth channel, the consulting range includes all areas of asset building and private pension to financing and Government support. Due to the cooperation with more than 400 product partners MAS partners also benefit from the advantages of a buying group with preferential terms in product selection and sales support. About INFINUS the INFINUS group is a modern financial services company with its headquarters in Dresden and a leader in the distribution, development, realisation and placement of financial products. The two central units licensed companies and Germany’s number one MiFID and the INFINUS include the INFINUS AG financial services institution (founded in 2002), as according to 32 German Banking Act (KWG) Sales & service AG (founded in 2003) as initiator of Germany’s first rooftop pool access to the best financial and insurance products on the market.

INFINUS serves more than 1,500 partners about a complete all financial concept that enables a consultation from the retirement and risk insurance and real estate services in the most demanding categories of private banking. The exclusive product portfolio includes among other things systems with fixed interest character and maturity between 30 days and 15 years. Moreover, Fund and dynamic are Fund as well as the finding of ecoConsort with the INFINUS relaxed Fund, balanced four asset-managing in-house funds on offer. The Creditreform rating AG has assessed for the second time with the rating grade A 2010 the INFINUS AG financial services institution.

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