Germany Qualification

The recipe by Renz says: fast and efficient. This seems to be the recipe for his success. Not only Manager use his services in peak times and spend a few days in the countryside with him to his techniques to the learning. Back in the reality everyone can retrieve the learned within a few minutes. Before the next meeting, after a tiring Conference or after a hard day’s work, so that the occupational stress is not brought into the family. Tendency rising only a handful of coaches are currently working in Germany, tendency rising. A protected professional title is not the nature relaxation trainer so far, theoretically everyone as a coach can work also without qualification.

The customer should inform themselves therefore references and recommendations with whom he can achieve the best experience. Of course, a personal training is not free, the prices vary between 450 and 1,200 for 3 to 6 days. For the customer but also a round the clock service receives and can already see results after a short time. “Every hour is before – and refinished,” explains Renz, who takes very seriously his full-time job. “I see myself not as a relaxation guru, but as a motivator and force sensor for my clients.” Trusting in the future several companies, almost all in the Advisory business working, but individuals are supervised by Renz. “Such people are happy when someone takes you by the hand”, said the coach. Besides – which they would appreciate it, if they are to reach even for 3 days not by cell phone and amidst the largest contiguous protected area Bavaria know how absolute recovery is possible, as indispensable prevention of the Burnout. That then often the soul must be mas-ized, is obvious. And so secrecy is a qualification, which certainly does not harm a personal trainer.

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